Ride The Lightning Game – Pantheon Dashboard Destroyer (April Fool)

Apr 2, 2015 · 109 words · 1 minute read php development theming

‘Pantheon Game’

As part of April Fools Pantheon is allowing you to destroy your Pantheon Dashboard as a game. You can destroy everything, settings, deploys, git connections and ssh connection. They called it the Pantheon Ride The Lighting. So now you have a way to mess up with your co-workers and tell them that you deleted all the Drupal commits. Here is how I destroy the dashboard of the https://www.darryl.ai website.

‘Pantheon Game destroyer’

The game actually does not remove or destroy everything you can refresh your page and everything is going to be fine.

Note For those that does not know what Pantheon is, it’s a website management platform delivering Drupal and WordPress.