My Sessions For DrupalCamp Stanford 2016

Mar 31, 2016 · 257 words · 2 minute read php development theming

In Drupal Camp Stanford 2016, I will be talking about Drupal 8 theming and debugging Drupal with Drupal Console.

Drupalnator Themestation - This talk is mainly for those users that want to understand how the theming system in Drupal 8 works. Most of my knowledge of Drupal 8 theming is based experience porting Casper and Light Skeleton to Drupal 8. In this talk, we are going to be discussing the major differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 theming layers. In addition, participants are going to learn file organization of a theme in Drupal 8. Basics twig syntax, which will include output variables in twig and how to use filters, will also be discussed.

Debugging Drupal with Drupal Console - This talk is for those users that want to have an understanding of how to use Drupal Console for debugging your Drupal website. Drupal Console is not longer a boilerplate code generator. Drupal Console is now a full CLI, which allows you to debug your system using a terminal. We will be talking about some of the newest Drupal Console features to debug a Drupal site. You will learn how to debug:

System errors Twig templates Services registered on the service container Routes registered on the route system Configuration objects State values Database connection Site settings Available node types Available users Available taxonomies From your terminal without a need of a GUI.

Feel free to ping me before or after this talk if you have any question about Drupal 8 theming or Drupal Console let me know.