Drupal 8 Contrib Releases: Bootstrap Layouts, Light Skeleton and Casper

Feb 14, 2016 · 397 words · 2 minute read php theming Bootstrap development

For the past few months I have been playing around with few Drupal 8 projects, which they all are on working state and they are been hosted at Drupal.org. However, I did not consider them all ready for productions meaning they was not polished enough. Here you have three projects that now have a new release and what has changed.

Bootstrap Layouts: This project is a combination of Display Suite Bootstrap Layouts and Panels Bootstrap Layouts for Drupal 8. I started this project back in November just for fun and never blog about it and suddenly the project got some activity. Currently this project have over 91 installed and I got few people opening issues about the project. I had this project on a dev release since November because there was some indentation minor bugs, missing templates and images. This week I decide to do a major refactor on entire project structure. Also, thank for @emptyvoid, which provide all the icons (images) for this project with a patch. Because all these changes I thought this project was stable enough as result I created a stable release.

Light Skeleton: This is a theme that I ported to Drupal 8 back in December 2015 and to me it was pretty stable I did a lot testing before releasing it to Drupal.org. Actually Light Skeleton it was ready since RC1 but I did not feel comfortable on having a stable release until at least this project is been use for other people beside me. This past weekend, I decide to added the some configuration to the project so the user can save some time on configuring the theme and I created a stable release.

Casper: This a theme inspired by the default Ghost theme “Casper”. This is blog-like theme, responsive and very clean cut. I have been working on building this theme for over a month for my personal website. However, I decide to create a dev release to get feedback from other people. I have been using this theme on a production site for few weeks already and so far there is not been any issues. Jesus Molivas (jmolivas.com) is been using Casper for like a month an half, since Casper was a sandbox. This project might not be 100% production ready, since still under development.

Feel free to try it out those project and feedback is always appreciated.