Drupal Console SandCamp Sprinting At The Beach

Feb 25, 2016 · 465 words · 3 minute read php cli development

Hi Drupal World from sunny San Diego, I like to invite you to sprint with us and helping us on improve Drupal Console.

Our focus of this sprint is going to add some of the new features to Drupal Console, as using the a chain command as actual command (#1898) this will allow us to generate Drupal Console commands without writing code. In addition, we will be working on improving the documentation about how we can use Drupal Console in other contribute projects. Finally but no least, we are planing to try to separate the languages (#1898) from Drupal Console and creating independent projects for each language. This will allow communities to start their own custom languages without need of committing into Drupal Console core. However, anyone can contribute on any Drupal Console related issue that they want to improve or have fixed.

We did some previous attempts to sprint on Drupal Console at DrupalCon Bogota and DrupalCon Los Angeles, but this is the first “official” Drupal Console sprint. For this reason we have decide to re-organize our project to help new contributors. We have added new labels (tags) to helps new users to understand the focus of each issue.

Here is the list of all new project labels:

  • Novice - For novice issue basic issues usually relate for new user contributing to the project.
  • Back-end - Issue related to module development.
  • Front-end - Issue relate to theme development.
  • Docs - Issues relate on adding and/or improving documentation about Drupal Console.
  • Translation - Issue relate with Translation.
  • Usability - Issues related on making Drupal Console more use-friendly.
  • Contrib-Support - Integration to track DC with other contrib projects. As any sprint we need people to help us, we have decide to divide the types of ways to help base on the set-skills.

For non-programmers:

Test Pull Requests: We need people to test out PR to make sure that they works as expected. Adding new ideas: Bring your ideas on how to improve Drupal Console/new features. Reporting bugs: If you see something unusual or not working please fill out as bug. Windows Testing: Drupal Console does not have test well Windows, we will need people to test Drupal Console using Windows. Writing documentation: We need to document all our commands what it does and how to use it.

For programmers:

Fixing bugs: We need people to help us to fix some of the Drupal Console bugs. Adding comments: We add more docblocks Code Quality: We need to test the output of all our generators and make sure that Implementing new features: We have a list of new features that we need to start building. Send us a pull request. Where ? Coder lounge

When ? We will be sprinting Feb 26 and Feb 27 (Friday - Saturday).