Light Skeleton Drupal 8 Release

Mar 31, 2016 · 245 words · 2 minute read php development theming

Few months back I release my first contrib theme Light Skeleton, which was base on the Skeleton v2 project. Now I’m happy to announce Drupal 8 version of this new theme. While porting the Drupal 8 version of this theme, I decide to improve some of the missing features from the Drupal 7 version. These features include a modern lightweight menu and new regions to the theme.

New Menu

Light Skeleton now have a very sexy lightweight menu, which is sticky on mobile and desktop.

alt text

Only in D8 Currently this is only available in Drupal 8 version of the project. For more information about this menu been ported back to Drupal 7 see this issue -

The Drupal 7 version did not have a sidebar as initial development for the Drupal 8 we added some two new region sidebar left and sidebar right.

alt text

How to configure Light Skeleton?

Well in Drupal 8 most of the element in the page like page title and breadcrumb are blocks. To configure this theme you will have to structure your blocks like this:

alt text

For now this initially port does not include the breadcrumb for more information please check this issue out (#2629952).

What is next ?

Im going to be building Skeleton Layouts project, which is going to support layouts using the skeleton grid system. This project is going to be using the layout_plugin project, this means Skeleton Layouts will be available in Display Suite and Panels.